How to Create a Product Video

How to Create a Product Video

A product video will make your product come to life. Product videos are basically a video that describes what your product is and what it can offer someone. It’s an introduction to forming a relationship with the public that will end with you making profit for your company. If you have a product, you should have a video. Whether you have been in the industry for years, or just in the beginning, promote your business with a video. 

Fun fact: 71% of consumers think video explains the product better. How would you start this you may ask? We’re here to help! Making a product video includes only a few steps. 

 1. Share your personality with the audience. Know who your audience is; whether that is through social media, the press, or any connections you may have. Presenting to the camera who you are visually forms a relationship with the viewers. This creates a trust between you and the consumer. Show the public why you care about your product and, make sure to speak with passion to get them enthused to watch more.

 2. Tell them a story. Let your voice be heard by explaining how the idea of your product was started. The video should be focused on selling the idea of your brand, not just selling the product. Start with the problem that led you to the creation of your business and, mention the benefits that your company can offer your audience. In this process, film in different locations to show the full accessibility of your product. When you include the reasons why they would need your product in their life, it will draw your audience in to want to help your business succeed.

3. Inform them how they can help you succeed. Keep it short and sweet and to the point. Provide an opportunity they cannot say no to, and they will benefit your company with customer loyalty. Let’s say you’re starting your own coffee brand, you would want to say something like, “with your help, we could change the world or at least your cup of coffee.” Make it a team effort between the company and the consumer.

4. Finally, end your story with what will happen if you receive their help. By completing this step, you can list more of the benefits that come with your company. Contact potential donors through email or messenger; mention the reward they will receive by helping you build your product into something that is world changing. Never forget to thank them for listening and becoming a part of the solution.

Digital Productions produces videos that create a visual story for every audience. We can help you create a product video that will promote your company and get your product noticed! 

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